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                                                        July 11, 2002
                                      Analiza Gonzalez & Claudia Tristan
    Here is a story that I think you will enjoy reading. Well yesterday my friend  Claudia came over and we were just swimming with my sister and her friend.  Then we saw all my dogs go rushing over to this tree and just looking on the ground.  Then I rushed over there and we saw a baby bird had fallen from the tree.  So I picked it up and put it in a box and took care of it until my mom got back from work. The baby bird kept on trying to fly high and jump, but he could only fly low!  We had to take care of it for about 1 hour.  My mom had just walked in the door and I told her what had happened.  So then she got a ladder and put it on a limb that was sticking out because the nest was too high!! Then the momma or papa bird was flying around it because the baby bird didn't know how to fly and the other bird didn't know how to take him to the nest!!  So we just left them alone so that they wouldn't fell scared. Sometimes birds think humans will harm them. So then we came back about 30 to 40 minutes later and both of the birds were gone.  I think that the baby bird finally learned how to fly!!!  I wonder if he got home o.k.? Well that's my story I really hope you like it!!! 


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