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Letter From the Executive Director

Dear Parents/Guardians and Daughters,

The staff and volunteers of the Junior League Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program would like to wish you and your family happy holidays. We also want you to know that it has been an absolutely wonderful Fall semester with all of YOU! This year has gotten off to a great start with record attendances at all of our program events. My hope is that we continue to see more of you at the program events and that you encourage your friends to come too. I know that some of you may have difficulty with transportation and so I would like to ask the parents that have cars to reach out to those who may live near you and offer them a ride. Let's work together to help those around us because there may come a time when we need a helping hand.

Regarding the conferences, I must admit that my favorite part of our entire program is having the opportunity to speak with you and your daughters at these particular events and being able to witness your commitment to your child's success. For this reason, I would like to say thank you to all of our parents for your loving support of your child. In addition, I want you to know that we support you and that we will do our best to ensure that your needs are met as well. We hope that you have wonderful holidays with your loved ones and we look forward to seeing all of you at the annual College and Career Fair on February 15, 2003 at the University of Texas School of Social Work. Thanks for being a part of our program!

Rose M. Regalado, LMSW Executive Director.

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The Wolverton/Grezlik Family

Nikita Grezlik is a 15 year-old sophomore at Crockett High School who attends Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at Travis High School in the afternoon. A member of the honor guard, Nikita is considering a career in the military after graduating from collage. She was exited to learn the collage ROTC experience will allow her to enlist as a Second Lieutenant.

Nikita and her sister, Tiffany Grezlik, joined the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program at the insistence of their mother, Noelia Wolverton. Nikita was recommended for the program by a teacher who recognized her tremendous potential. When asked what she likes best about the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program , Nikita says, ''Everything is fun, but I really like learning what college will be like.''

Noelia found the Program to be as big a source of support  for as for the girls. ''The first year, I was concerned about the physical  and emotional changes any girls were going through. But all the moms were going through the same thing. It was a big relief!  We really helped each other.''

The Program's career days have both girls contemplating their futures . Nikita is determined to remain in the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program throughout high schooled to graduate from collage so she can show other girls the program works. Ants and insect life are Nikita's passion, and she hopes to receive a scholarship to collage where she will study entomology. Tiffany has her sights set on Duke University's pre-med program and is already looking forward to Duke's summer programs for high school students.

The Guerra Family
Leticia & Monica

No one can ever accuse the Guerra women of being quitters. Now an 11th grader, Monica Guerra joined the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program as a6th grader at Covington Elementary. A job opportunity for the girls' father took the family to Lytle, a small town near san Antonio. Monica and her mother, Leticia Guerra, enjoyed the Program so much that they remained involved and now drive two hours each way from Lytle to attend Program events. 

Even when The Junior of San Antonio began operating a Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program last year, Monica and Leticia decided to stay with the Austin Program. "I just love Miss Rose9the director) and I feel so welcome here," says Monica.

Both Monica and sister, Sarah Guerra, have always known that college is in their future. Excited about the possibility of joining ROTC, Monica already has her school choices prioritized- Loyola, NYU, and Southwestern top her list. Law or undercover crime investigation interest Monica, but Sarah, a 4th grader at Lytle Elementary, has her sights set on being a brain surgeon or maybe a veterinarian. "She can do it, too," mother Leticia says gravely. "I have no doubt."

One of Monica's favorite Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program memories is a weekend she spent in Jester as a 6th grader, meeting new people who, like her, are high achievers. Sarah will be creating new memories when she enrolls in the Austin Program as a 6th grader. Leticia doesn't seem to mind seven more years of driving to Austin. "It's worth it-it's such a great program," she says. "We just make the drive our special time to talk and catch up."

Fabiola - The Valencia Family - Celina

"I always wanted to do even better on my school work, always working for even better grades," says  Fabiola Valencia about why her 5th grade teacher, Ms. Canales, referred her to the Hispanic Mother- Daughter Program. Now a 7th grader at Bedichek Middle School, Fabiola has been in the program for two years .

Before the  Hispanic Mother -Daughter Program, Fabiola had no thought much about college. "I thought I was too young to even think about it, but now I know I'm not." Although she wants to be a chef or maybe a dentist, Fabiola has many talents to explore once she is college- bound. An accomplished violinist, she joined the school orchestra at the suggestion of a friend who plays cello.

Celina Valencia, a newly single mom, says her motivation for participating in the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program is her love for her daughter and the opportunity to spend time with Fabiola, which has brought them closer. Celina thinks so highly of the program that she want to get her two other daughters involved. 


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